Zoom Video Communication

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Prior to the pandemic, video communication platforms were inaccessible to citizens in the UAE. The COVID-19 pandemic created a shift in the industry and facilitated accessibility to VoIP. With video communications becoming available for everyone it was our aim to influence the continued used of Zoom post-COVID.

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Active (Digital. Marketing. Communications) worked closely with Zoom video communications to deliver on by:

  • Conduct research in the UAE in order to evaluate how people use Zoom when it comes to their businesses, education, or personal use along with their views on how it enhances the economy in the UAE
  • Leverage research results in an integrated marketing campaign designed to influence TRAs and authorities in permanently easing access to video communications
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76% of Emirati respondents consider Zoom as their most preferred video communication application, and a further 83% will want to have access to video communication applications post-COVID. Not only that, but 69% see themselves working remotely in the future and 66% believe that having access to video communication applications would enhance the economy and innovation in the UAE.

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Earned 70% of tier one coverage generated from hosting a media roundtable announcing the results of the survey.


A partnership with Emaar that lead to having Zoom’s video and logo displayed on Burj Khalifa, which resulted in 88 pieces of coverage, 60% of which are regional and 40% are international.


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