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We have worked closely with renowned technology, everything tech-related, Web3, Cybersecurity, private banking, and Gaming brands for over 20 years. We are not postman but rather work closely with our clients and influence their go-to-market strategy to help them differentiate themselves and resonate better with customers in the Middle East region.


At Active DMC we recognize the critical role that Web3 technologies will play in determining the future as we witness the fast-changing digital landscape.

We work closely with businesses in navigating the difficulties of this revolutionary ecosystem, thanks to our extensive expertise in PR and marketing and our in-depth knowledge of blockchain, Defi, exchanges, NFTs, and dApps.

We have built a team of experts and advisors from all over the world to consult and guide in positioning , exposure, KOL partnerships and marketing to deliver on your communication campaign objectives.

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Web3 Gaming and Esports offering

Manage and develop
social media channels and community building
Broad network within the gaming and web3 sectors
Performance marketing and user acquisition campaigns
Deep understanding of gaming business models and monetization tactics
Game advisory in traditional and web3 gaming
Proficiency in strategic planning and game economy evaluation
Build investor decks and optimizing company game presentations
advertising campaigns.
sports events, hackathons, and game jams
Business development
and lead generation

Years of experience in running B2B and B2C integrated communication campaigns.


Regional integrated communications campaigns since its inception in 2003.

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Regional Numbers
  • New report from BCG highlights that more than 60% of the population in the Middle East are gaming enthusiasts, resulting in one of the highest shares of gaming mobile app downloads (50% compared to the global average of 40%)
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