Why Tech PR requires a lean approach… & why I love my job

There is something quite liberating about working in tech-focused communications.

As an only child, I often contemplated the advent of technology and how it permitted individuals to broaden their horizons on every front – superseding the inherent folly of congregation within mankind to equip themselves with the right tools and move steadfast into the abyss with calculated ease.

Managing communications in such a fascinating field feeds every such aspect of my curiosity and overarching perspective of the world. I spent my first 2 months at Active allowing the weight of technology in fields like cybersecurity, energy, unified communications, SaaS, real estate and talent management to overwhelm me…until I started enjoying it.

Working in tech felt different from my time managing PR and communications for legacy banking clients. The latter was a pool of red-tape and forced diplomacy – The former breaks convention. Tech has its own nature – there is a sense of evolution always lingering in the background; an uprising extending its arm towards the world with a plethora of new ideas aimed at engineering the quality of life itself.

Engaging in this storm of innovation and humanity keeps me on my toes. Every day is a new challenge.  Each day is a new opportunity to learn. And best of all – there is no room for complacency.

Tech comms requires an agile mind and a team with purpose.

There is no glory in bloated comms teams watering down every bit of ingenuity by catering to the surface layer of what constitutes public opinion. Tech demands an understanding of functionality led by critical thinking focused on bettering society.

To me, my job transcends communications; it pushes me to strive for excellence.

I very much look forward to sharing new insights with all of you as frequently as possible.

Until next time.

Ziad Baig
Ziad Baig

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