PUBG / Krafton – Reigniting the PC Version

Krafton is the developer of the very popular battle Royale game, PUBG and PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG Mobile gained massive popularity in recent years, leaving the PC version of the game behind. The company was looking for ways to revitalize it and bring new life to it amidst a noisy Battle Royale market.

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Active (Digital. Marketing. Communications) worked closely with Krafton to deliver on campaign objectives by:

  • Develop a campaign that is meant to re-engage the community.
  • Re-establish hype and excitement for the game.
  • Support creators that were still loyal to the game, and encourage others to create content for it.
  • Increase engagement and other social media metrics on social media.

The KRAFTED (Get it?) campaign was divided into 3 parts, culminating in a final showdown between PUBG creators:

  • Recruitment stage: 8 creators built teams from their community.
  • Practice stage: the creators practiced with their teams on stream.
  • Tournament stage: the 8 teams battled it out live on the official PUBG channel.
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Over 46 creator streams during the period of the campaign with

0 M+

viewers of the tournament campaign

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and 44k reach on owned social media posts organically that talked about the campaign.


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