HyperX – 2022 Content Creator Collaboration

HyperX is a brand committed to making sure every gamer feels they are included. No matter who you are, or what you play, WE’RE ALL GAMERS.

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HyperX has often times managed content creator collaborations outside of reviews internally, but they wanted to expand on that and get better results and so they reached out to us to contract and work with content creators in KSA, UAE, and Kuwait.

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Given our long-standing relationships with content creators in the region and our knowledge of the gaming scene, we managed to contract 27 creators spread across the 3 countries to create content with HyperX products and introduce their audience to the brand.

Some of those creators were paid ones, and some were based on product deals only. Which gave us the leeway to negotiate with smaller creators and also get bigger ones onboard.

Some very well-known names in gaming in the region were part of this activity such as:

  • TMFaisal
  • BasharKK
  • Mlzlz
  • SirSan
  • KLO
  • Miracle
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Over 53+ pieces of content across social media (not counting stories).

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impressions on creators’ social media posts

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with 245k+ engagements, their videos got

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over 29M views during this period.

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HyperXMENA’s social media channels also benefited with 4.9M impressions gained over that period.

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7.9K new followers across different platforms.


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