Okadoc – Launching Telemedicine During COVID-19

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Okadoc, the region’s leading instant doctor booking platform, had plans to launch telemedicine during H2 of 2020. With the onset of COVID-19, the team new the time was now to help ensure that patients continued to get the care they needed from the safety of their own homes and so doctors could remain in business during this time. However, making an impact during the pandemic provided many obstacles for everyone involved – from media to camera crew to team members were all in quarantine.

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Active (Digital. Marketing. Communications) worked to develop an integrated communications plan which focused on showcasing InterSystems expertise and satisfied customers, including:

  • Developing high-level messaging that focused on the benefits of the new platform to patients, doctors, and investors
  • Launching the platform via a global press conference over Zoom
  • Creating strong b-roll, images, and broadcast-quality interviews with at-home equipment
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global media in attendance of the virtual press conference


International broadcast stories, including CNN, BBC and CNBC


million estimated audience reach


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