COP 27 – Highlighting Oman’s Commitment to Sustainability

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Due to COP’s saturated and competitive environment, standing out and securing global and regional high-level coverage presented a challenge. With more than 100 heads of state who attended the conference, Active (Digital Marketing. Communications) needed to ensure that the Omani delegation was positioned as one of the global leaders in achieving Net Zero Commitments.

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Active (Digital. Marketing. Communications) planned and implemented a targeted communications campaign and introduced the Omani government as a key player in their mission towards Net-Zero emissions by 2050, Active DMC successfully positioned Omani senior government officials as experts and thought leaders in ESG and Climate change issues by educating the media and general public on the Omani government’s key criteria and objectives (Oil & Gas production, New projects, Oman Green Hydrogen and Net-Zero Emissions by 2050).

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30 High-tier international and regional broadcast opportunities were secured, including with CNBC, Sky News Arabiya, Asharq Bloomberg, Cairo News, and Extra News.


In total, there were 200 pieces of coverage across key tier-one media, including syndications.

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This extensive coverage achieved an estimated 8.01m views online based on audience reach and social engagement.

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The combined reach for all these publications is over 705m.


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