• Should Non-EMV Transactions be Phased Out Completely?

    For the last year Forcepoint X-Labs has been collecting samples of Point-of-Sale (POS) malware that stood out for their hand-crafted nature, were written in assembly code and were very small in size (2-7kB). In this article, we examine the attributes of TinyPOS and explore why...

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  • Plugging the looming skills gap in the energy industry

    In today’s challenging environment, companies thus need every edge they can get. Using data science is key, while automating work can help reduce the risk of human error and gives time back to engineers to focus on more difficult and strategic analysis within their work....

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  • Importance of physical security in sports

    The GCC region is burgeoning with upcoming large-scale events. While Dubai is set up to lead the world video gaming industry and announces its first dedicated eSports Dubai X-Stadium. Abu Dhabi is hosting the Special Olympics 2019, and the whole country is getting ready to...

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