Zoom Now Offers End-To-End Encryption, With A Catch


Video conferencing app Zoom announced in a blog that users now has access to end-to-end encryption, but they will need to provide personal information in order to access it.




  • Users can still use the platform for free and choose not to share their information but will then not have access to the end-to-end encryption (E2EE).
  • It is unclear what information users will have to share, but the blog suggested “verifying a phone number via a text message.”
  • If users choose to use the E2EE service from Zoom, they will also need to give up some of the application’s functionality. User’s won’t be able to dial in to a call.
  • Previously only paid users had access to E2EE.
  • Testing of the new functionality is expected to begin in July with the release of an early beta version.


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