Active DMC has solid experience in B2B and B2C gaming ecosystems including PC, mobile, console & AAA games as well as gaming accessories and hardware. We understand gamers, journalists and differing viewpoints of developers, publishers, manufacturers, distributors and resellers. We don’t just target gamers; we identify relevant target groups that your product appeals to and craft strategies and messages that grab their attention while positioning your brand as an industry leader. Creating engaging and relevant content in different format is key. We make this happen across multiple channels and platforms to get your message and product(s) noticed, from social media, events and digital marketing to traditional public relations. We can advise you on how to get your product(s) noticed amongst the gaming community and other stakeholders to gain more market share in the Middle East.

Technology is quickly and positively disrupting the healthcare space, transforming patient care and impacting the way both clinicians and consumers interact with data. From wearables, to electronic medical records, to health apps, no one understands the healthcare technology space like Active DMC. We understand that in the healthcare marketing discipline, it goes beyond getting you press coverage – its about a more in depth approach that engages key audiences whilst also understanding and keeping pace with he regulations across the region that dictate how you can market your service or product. Active DMC has the know-how to get you in front of analysts, conference attendees and patients, making sure your voice in the industry is heard. With decades worth of experience, you can count on our team of communication experts to shape your healthcare communications story – getting you in front of the right audiences to move your business goals in the right direction.