Modern Cybersecurity Accelerates Digital Vision To Grow Economies

Modern cybersecurity must put people and data at the centre of its design thinking, and this new multi-dimensional world isn’t going to change any time soon. By 2020, 73% of enterprises will run almost entirely on software-as-a-service. When enterprises integrate behaviour-centric cybersecurity, the insights gained from understanding any deviations from the norm provide a more complete picture of the risk level, and enable security professionals to proactively and dynamically address risk in real-time, stopping attacks before they do damage.
Enterprises should be taking a hard look at their own journeys and questioning whether the right security technologies are in place to support current and future IT initiatives. They should ask themselves: what are the technological requirements for my workforce and mission? And it isn’t about how much you spend to address cybersecurity; it’s not a problem that can be solved through spend alone. It’s about designing the right cybersecurity posture that accelerates your company’s digital transformation and helps achieve desired business outcomes.

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