Gaming: Pulling 5Gs?


Enter, 5G


This competitive aspect of mobile gaming has created a demand for faster connectivity and wider coverage. Enter, 5G. While the initial goal of enabling 5G in many countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, was probably more about “business on the go” rather than “gaming on the go”, it will enable more gamers to have that extra boost in connectivity. However, just because it is available doesn’t mean it’s efficient. 5G networks are more power-consuming and when you add the power consumption of the game itself, gamers might find it inefficient to connect via mobile networks, especially when you consider that data plans are likely to be more expensive than simply connecting to the home WiFi network. Not to mention that fewer than 1 per cent of all active smartphones by the end of 2019 were 5G-ready, according to Newzoo. That was a total of 7.5 million worldwide).


The numbers become even more interesting when you look at GSMA’s Mobile Internet Connectivity 2019 report for MENA, which shows that only half of the population is connected to the mobile internet, even though they are covered by a 3G or 4G network.


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