Covid-19: Facebook feature lets people reach out for help in pandemic

Facebook on Tuesday activated a feature allowing people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic to reach out for help from their community.
The Community Help feature was added to the social network four years ago as a way to find shelter, food or supplies during natural disasters, and this week added the COVID-19 crisis to that list.
“We’ve been seeing since the beginning people asking for help,” Facebook app head Fidji Simo told AFP.
“We’ve been working for a couple of weeks at enabling the feature.”
While Community Help has been activated for tragedies such as the recent Australian wildfires, this time the feature reaches far beyond a single country and had to be woven into the coronavirus information hub, according to Simo.
Facebook set the help radius by default to 50 miles in the US and 100 kilometres in other countries, but people can scale back the area in which they are available to be of assistance.

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