Coronavirus: Why taking digital precautions is as important as handwashing

The world is changing by the day and life by the hour. As people adjusting to working remotely, The National looks at how companies and employees can avoid disruption and maintain security while working from home.
Avoid using personal accounts
Employees should not be sharing sensitive data over WhatsApp or personal email accounts and IT teams should be able to monitor the usage of unsanctioned applications.
Cyber criminals are “working hard to take advantage of this uncertainty”, Werno Gevers, cyber-security specialist at US tech firm Mimecast, told The National. So “it’s vital that all employees take additional digital precautions as seriously as regular handwashing. Ask your IT team what communications services they have approved for secure work at home”.
Think twice before clicking
Researchers have found many coronavirus-related malicious e-mail campaigns and hundreds of downloadable files that attempt to infect user devices. Malicious files have been masked under the guise of pdf, mp4 and docx files. The names of files imply that they contain instructions on how to protect yourself from the virus or updates on the threat.


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