What’s your story?

instagram-stories-vs-snapchat-storiesInstagram and Snapchat, both social media goliaths allow users to upload live and in-moment photos or videos that are live for only 24 hours and encourage creativity. While they seem like social media doppelgangers on the surface, there are key differentiators. The connected Facebook friends list to Instagram, with the added opportunities for simple search and discovery — makes Instagram Stories a much easier platform for finding and retaining new followers. On the other hand, searching users on Snapchat may be more difficult than on Instagram, but Snapchat is alone in its Live Stories feature. The company publishes Live Stories regarding events in particular geographic locations and, if you’re in the area, you’re able to contribute Snaps to the story.

The advantages of creating a Snapchat twin were palpable to Instagram. Social media apps have essentially replaced messaging and photo sharing tools, so many brands have capitalized on Snapchat’s features to reach Millennials. Instagram Stories were just another step to grow beyond carefully curated photos and short videos, letting users do many of the same things as Snapchat.

Suggested ideas for using Instagram Stories or Snapchat:

  • Glimpses at behind-the-scenes actions
  • Photos of your work but with the added silliness (and relatability) of fun graphics and text
  • Teasers for upcoming exhibitions or statements
  • A “day in the life” series
  • Special deals for your followers only

In a world where visual content remains a crucial part of any business’ marketing strategy, Instagram Stories and Snapchat presents a unique opportunity to visually represent your brand, celebrate its personality, and keep it top-of-mind for all those users who scroll through their Instagram account every single day. Several brands have already found creative ways to launch their stories visually. Nike and Starbucks all ran behind-the-scenes content, with beauty giant L’Oréal using it to provide a tutorial on one of its products.