What will happen in the next seven years?

Dear Dubai, congratulations! So you’ll be the hosting city for EXPO 2020.

Investors are breaking doors, they are going crazy! Moving grounds all over the region, sounds like an earthquake!

We all have more responsibilities now. Let’s focus on the employee now rather than talking about investors, money, numbers, etc.

It is time for leaders to define excellence for their organizations that help employees stay as healthy as possible, it keeps them productive. The second thing that helps attract and retain workers is a great working environment which really helps attract and keep the best of the best. The third rule is empowerment. Who is behind every organization’s success? It is us, the employees.

Employees do everything they can to succeed; if you treat people like they make a difference, then they will be committed to make a difference. Can you imagine the number of creative ideas that are generated on a monthly basis only? This is a great way to gain their loyalty and plan forward for the biggest year for Dubai: 2020.

Hence, providing a climate of excellence, a great working environment, and empowering employees to make decisions and push the envelope, the region will continue to attract and develop knowledgable workers, and therefore, the opportunity to have a good chance of continuing the success. Value your creative capital!!

To sum up, people are often asking me, “What will happen in the next seven years? All that I can say is that I am always learning, adapting and definitely looking forward to being part of EXPO 2020.