What my first month at Active DMC has taught me


Only a few short months ago, I decided to make a monumental change in my life – to relocate from India to Dubai. The moment I entered Active DMC for my first interview, I immediately felt at home. I knew this is where I was meant to be.

I still remember it was 5 pm on the evening of my 10th day in the country. I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed thinking ‘why is everyone getting married?’ (What do you expect from a millennial?!) Suddenly, I get an email notification with the subject line: Congrats! Active Offer Letter. I can’t explain the number of emotions I experienced in a span of a few seconds.

I can’t believe it, but it’s been a month now. Working here has been a roller coaster ride filled with so many big wins and lots of guidance from the whole Active DMC team.


Here are some highlights from my first month at Active DMC:


  1. We are consultants, not postmen

Yes! You read it right.  Right from the management to a junior executive, everyone is encouraged to share their perspective on the smallest of the things. When a client email hits my inbox, I’ve learned to ask myself – is this going to add any value to the brand? Does this align with my client’s business goals? Can we do something out of the box to leverage it? After answering all these questions, I put my thoughts forward to the client with confidence and recommend them whether the proposed activity or a plan makes sense.


  1. Active DMC values work-life balance

I have been always very fond of this famous saying ‘You can’t do a good job if a job is all you do.’ However, I was never able to follow it because, in the communications profession, I’ve always been expected to be on my toes 24/7.

I went head over heels when I heard my boss saying, ‘We believe in work-life balance! We prefer our team to work incredibly smart and hard during the day, so you can enjoy your time in the evenings.’ In my three-year PR journey, believe me, I haven’t heard anyone using this phrase. While the team here is working hard every day to meet their objectives and consulting clients, the management ensures every employee (including themselves) have a life beyond work. I note down all my daily tasks every morning, plan my day and close my high priority tasks first.  Since my day is so well planned, I complete my tasks with focus and peace of mind. In the end, my boss is happy, the client is happy and more importantly, I am gratified.


  1. PR is not only about media relations

The fact that we don’t just excel at media relations but also offer a bouquet of different and ground-breaking communication solutions to our clients is just amazing! We believe in giving a creative touch to everything we do. Videos, infographics, social media management, just name it and we have it all!


It’s only been one month, but here’s to many more! I can’t wait to see what is in store.