What empowers you as a woman in your career?

t“Running my own business with my partner is a dream come true and one I thrive on every day. Its a24/7 responsibility, its all-encompassing and throws you challenges as well as reasons for celebration in equal measures. For me, Active DMC is the culmination of over 15 years of dedicated hard work, nurturing and growing an integrated marketing consultancy that we are proud of and one that delivers results. It’s a business that holds its own in a highly competitive market which is constantly changing and throwing up new challenges to work around.” – Sawsan Ghanem

“What really drives me is being fortunate enough to work in a region that cares so deeply about female empowerment – and so much has changed in the last couple of years since I’ve been here! It’s amazing to be not only a part of that change, but fueling it! Not only that, but we are in a heavily female-dominated field, so I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many wonderful women who push, inspire and motivate me every single day.”  – Lauren Brush

“I love my job and what I do, to be successful in my career this is not enough. What really gets me going and empowers me is the support system I have. As a working mother I constantly have this guilt of not dedicating enough time to my son and not spending enough time with my family, but knowing that I am not alone on this journey helps tremendously. Supportive colleagues, like-minded women in my circle, appreciative bosses, understanding and helpful family members help me to pursue my life and career aspirations. Most importantly, loving and understanding partner, who doesn’t stand on the way to my success but is rather there to push me towards it, is truly detrimental when it comes to my career empowerment.” – Stanislava Burianek

I’ve been so fortunate that I am surrounded by people who treat me with respect and appreciation. I am in a working environment where everyone listens to each other, respect different opinions, and are welcoming of new ideas.  It inspires me when I work amongst such a  hardworking, successful and empowered group of women who are there for me not just with work but also in my personal life.  – Mechelle Manuel

“I am almost six months here at Active DMC and I can proudly say ‘I love my job’. The most amazing thing about my new career change is the positive support and uplifting encouragement I receive every day, from each and every one of my team members. With the Active’s continuous support I feel empowered, supported and motivated to progress further in my career” – Aishlinn Bracken

“Complete, is what I feel to be empowered and at the same time inspired by all the women around the world who have, in some way or the other, created an impact on me. Being able to be self-dependent is one of the joys in life I cherish and that’s what empowers me. Driven by the rush of keeping pace with life has always kept me on the edge, undeniably and that’s what keeps me going. I don’t think the world needs to empower women cos hey, a woman is capable of being empowered from within. Go get em women cos WE ROCK THE WORLD!” – Umme Aleem