Trending on Twitter: #UAEdresscode

I like to see people who have the initiative, the drive, and the energy to support a cause. The latest trend in the UAE Twitter sphere is #UAEdresscode.

I’ve been living in Dubai for the past 4 years and I saw and know everything about the dressing sense of the people that live here.

Recently my parents visited UAE for the first time, so I made sure I briefed them properly on what to wear and what not, and my mom’s reaction when she arrived here was “You really scared me for nothing, I see people dress same as back home”

To discuss and define decency in a country that is more conservative than others is useful, but I can’t really see why there is so much hype and passion around this subject. While I consider myself a very decent person and with a pretty classic and conservative dress sense, I still can’t make it within the rules, as almost all my dresses are sleeveless, but in the same time are decent and I don’t think that my naked shoulders should offend anyone when there are 50 degrees outside.

When a country opens itself to the world like UAE did, there are obvious risks of having people not being as sensitive as we would like to different cultural aspects. However, I would never support a law to reinforce a dress code in the 21st century.

Most of people are here by choice – holidays or work – and I don’t think UAE will be that appealing anymore if it will have a dress code law. I’m all for decency and respectful attitude towards the local culture, I just wish #seatbeltforchildrenUAE” was trending these days…

"Please wear respectful clothing" sign

“According to a Mall of the Emirates spokesperson, respectful clothing amounts to knees and shoulders being covered.”
– Gulf News