Trend Seeding


We’ve all been hearing about the term “Cloud Seeding” recently. It is what was responsible for the heavy rainfall that we have been experiencing this winter in UAE. But what is it exactly? We’ve all assumed that it is just a plane going up in the sky and firing some chemicals to the cloud and hope for the best. But it isn’t.

Cloud seeding is actually a long process that starts with weather forecast where analysts will be studying cloud formation and wind speed along with many other factors. Once the initial conditions are met where there’s a potential “rain ready” cloud approaching, the weather forecasting team alerts all other involved teams to be ready and the analysis stage continues while the rest prepare the needed “flares” and planes, this usually happens 72 hours prior to the plane’s departure. After roughly 65-70 hours weather forecasters have to make the decision to either attempt at seeding these clouds or letting it go.

But how does this relate to marketing? In the marketing world, we are expected to create trends or at least surf on existing “trend waves” to get more exposure for our clients. Without proper analysis of these trends and enough insights on how trendy a topic is, it will fail, causing major losses in resources (be it time or even money). So how do we prepare ourselves to catch these “Trend waves” and how do we make sure that we don’t take unnecessary risks?

  1. Always Be Prepared

You need to have some form of calendar or notes on upcoming global or even local happenings (such as mother’s day, father’s day, valentine’s day, etc.) and have a reminder in place at least 3 weeks in advance.

  1. Set Goals

How can you achieve something if you don’t know what it is that you want to achieve? For you to create or surf on a trend, you need to identify the end-goal that you want to achieve.

  1. Identify Key Players

Who are you going to collaborate with? Are you going to approach media outlets or influencers? How many? And to what scale? Who’s your audience?

  1. Plan For The Best, Expect The Worst

Whenever you attempt at doing something as big as creating a trend, you should always expect a “Backfire”, while it is usually predictable during the planning stage, it is best to always keep an extra measure for it.

  1. Roll Out

After you’ve set your preparations and everything is ready to roll out, re-evaluate your plans and make sure that everything is set and that it is well-worth the risk.

Once all that is done, all that’s left is for you to press that big red button and hope you make it rain, and if you’ve planned it all correctly, rain it shall!