Think of your social media audience like they are the love of your life

Recently I came across this infographic and it made me think again of the way we use social media. Beside some obvious rules, there are few that I personally consider more important than others.

The 36 Rules of Social Media

Source: FastCompany.

My favourite is Rule 29 – “People don’t want to shop (my personal note: “to do business”) where they socialize”. This is one of my main rules when I build social media strategies, especially when it comes to Facebook pages. I definitely think that “selling” on the Facebook page will never work, and this reminds me of another rule that is not in here: “70-20-10”, where 70% of the content should be useful information for our fans, 20% should be conversation, engagement with our fans, and only 10% should be self promotion.

It’s like a relationship – if most of the time you are only talking about yourself and you are only concerned about your own problems, without listening to the other person or giving your support, the relation will not work. Engaging with your audience is like engaging with your life partner – if there is no genuine love and care about the other – the relationship will not last.

Rule 39 “Contests and Sweepstakes are fine – if you want to encourage short relationships” reminds me of one of my observations on social media. There are so many contests and competitions out there, most of them irrelvant and not targeted – that people are not longer interested to participate, even if at the end of it they might get something for free.  I think the point here is that first you need to build your brand on social media on the “70-20-10” rule and only after you have a strong and stable relationship with your audience you can use contests to “reward” them.

What’s your favourite rule and why?