The PR Spring – Change Management in PR

PROI in Dubai! Europe, Middle East and Africa Partners hold annual regional meeting in the UAE to discuss change management and how this will impact and affect the PR in the future!

Active PR hosted the 2011 Annual EMEA Partners Meeting for their international network PRO in Dubai towards the end of November 2011. The two day meeting focused on Change Management and – in light of the social change happening in the Middle East region – was entitled the PR Spring!

The Regional Meeting also featured three social events which were seen as opportunities for all the partners to experience Dubai and the United Arab Emirates especially given that a greater number of them had not ever visited the country or – in some cases – the region!

The EMEA meeting opened with a memorable and informative presentation by Mr Mohamed Hamdan President of the Arab Business Club where Mr Hamdan gave the partners an insight into local Arab culture and attitudes as well as an overview of the business environment in the region and some of the infrastructure developments that may provide business opportunities for the network to leverage.

The partners then went into a series of presentations and work groups to discuss the issues that were impacting their businesses now and in the future and what change management elements had been useful to manage this.

The timing of this event meant that the PROI partners were able to experience the very best of the weather in the UAE and evenings spent in outdoor locales that featured amazing food, breathtaking views and stunning and exciting backdrops to the social interaction.

The first night saw a beach side dinner overlooking the sea and the Burj Al Arab the 7 Star hotel made famous for its glittering array of Hollywood stars and well known leaders of state who feature on their guest list. The partners arrived by “Abras” the traditional wooden boat that served as a water based taxi in the early days of the UAE and the background of two of the most picturesque hotels in the country – Mina Al Salam (the Place of Peace) and Al Qasr (The Palace)

Back at the regional meeting the partners were presented with some very useful and illustrative case studies along with a lively session on how the partners can work together to generate new business from existing Clients. The working groups also yielded a great deal of insight and guidance for partners as they shared experiences and best practices in handling change at different levels and dimensions with their businesses.

Out again that evening it was Downtown Dubai and dinner on a terrace overlooking the worlds tallest building the Burj Khalifa. The PROI partners – engaged in energetic discussion – ate dinner whilst watching the amazing spectacle of the Dancing Fountains and everyone continued to get an international perspective on the business of PR!

The conference continued the next day and aspects of the changing profiles of Agencies, the growing demand for specialization in Europe versus the still very general profile of Agencies in Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

In addition the partners discussed the EMEA growth of the network with applications received and in different stages with the Board.

The last day closed with a very positive feeling across the different agencies and with the commitment to drive, grow and build business, relationships, and expertise over the next year and to all meet up for the global meeting in Helsinki in May 2012!