Active Dubai -The importance of social media in marketing

The time we spend on social media is increasing and that’s good news for businesses! The UAE is home to 9.4m people of which 9.3m is active on social media. That’s a whopping 99.2% of the population, according to the Global Media Insight. The most used platforms in the region are Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

The increase in use of these platforms is mainly due to the growing internet connection accessibility and availability of public WiFi hotspots. We conform to our social groups and interact on social media platforms. Everything we do daily is done online from connecting with friends, ordering lunch, Instagramming, checking out what our favorite influencers are talking about.

If we need any information, we instantly search for it online. Whether it’s booking a holiday, checking out the latest iPhone release or looking for the new trendy bar in town, Instagram or Facebook will immediately help us make our decision. Whether its through an influencer or the company’s website, we will base our decision on the information we gather online. Luckily, we live in a world where all this information is easily accessible and with the advancement of technology, we find what we are looking for in seconds. It’s instant, reliable and can be accessed easily – which is an advantage considering our busy lifestyles.

The internet is transforming the way businesses market their products and solutions. As the stats from Global Media Insight show, 99.2% of the UAE is active online. So, it’s with no surprise that the time we spend online increases every year. Our world is becoming digitalized and consumers are inclined to adapt to this. Therefore, brands should be intelligent about how they can effectively market their products on social media platforms. Today, online marketing has a huge impact on achieving business goals.

We are constantly bombarded with pop up ads, sponsored post and influencer content which have strong purchasing power on their audience.

An example of a brand that developed in the region through aggressive online presence is Huda Beauty. Huda Kattan was listed as one of the richest, self-made women and one of the top three beauty influencers by Forbes. She is a prime example of someone who built her brand and became so successful by proving her presence and delivering creative content on social media platforms. Through these platforms she was able to provide instant reviews, receive immediate feedback and constantly adapt her content.

Today, our online presence plays a major role in our life. It’s how we connect, how we find entertainment and research about our next adventure – whether it’s a holiday, new job or the perfect PR agency (Active DMC), there is a social platform that will give us the information we need.