The Case for Curiosity

What drives success in PR? Great judgement, amazing writing skills, expert storytelling, creative thinking… the list goes on and on. But there’s one underlining trait below all of these: curiosity.

Curiosity drives passion. Curiosity fuels our desire to learn. It gives us the thirst for knowledge that quickly makes us experts at just about any topic thrown to us. Click To Tweet

Curiosity is what keeps us up at night as we think about how to win that new business proposal or get lost in our Google searches trying to find new story angles for an old client.

When we allow ourselves the TIME to be curious, we are allowing ourselves to get creative without limits. This should be an essential part of your work week. The beauty of curiosity is that it can lead anywhere – this is exactly the type of mindset that our industry needs.

Here are some winning strategies as you try and promote a culture of curiosity or up your own personal curiosity game.

Be curious about people

Ask yourself: what are the topics the people around you are following, posting or writing about? What events are they attending? What do they do in their free time? What fuels their passions?

This doesn’t extend to just your clients or journalists, but customers, stakeholders and even colleagues. The more you learn about people, the more you learn about your surroundings.

Be curious about different industries

Active DMC is primarily a tech agency, but thanks to the curiosity of our amazing team, we’ve also had the chance to work in healthcare, fitness, private banking, food and beverage… you name it! Don’t ever be afraid to explore outside of your remit – you might be surprised where you end up!

You might also be surprised just how quickly you can link your clients to other industries using the same techniques. Just last week, a sustainability client of ours in the HVAC space was able to touch on the Arabian Travel Market – a conference we don’t normally pay attention to – only because someone happened to notice there was a sustainability wing!

Be Curious about different cultures and viewpoints

This one is a must. Living in a melting pot like the UAE, it’s crucial to always be open and learn about new cultures and viewpoints. Take the time to understand different ideas, religions, family traditions, etc. Having moved here myself only a short time ago, the wonder in being able to see things through another person’s eyes has made me an extremely well-rounded marketer and communicator. I now look at situations, RFPs and even news articles with a totally different hat on.

It’s often said that curiosity killed the cat, but I would beg to differ. Curiosity builds knowledge, experience and wisdom.  And that is one strong cat.