Ten Powers of Leadership

Work Happy‘ author Jill Geisler is the go-to expert on building leaders, managers and great places to work. Her advice is positive and practical, built on deep experience and respected research from her work at the Poynter Institue.

Recently she published a podcast titled “Ten  Powers of Leadership … What Great Bosses Know About Power” from a university commencement address she gave.

It was inspiring to listen to these great tips as it refreshed my own committment to how I want to use my own leadership powers for good.  This top 10 list is just the cream of the information she shared so if you would like to soak in all the tips she shared don’t hesitate to listen to her free podcast; which is downloadable from iTunesU.


Top 10 Powers of Leadership

  1. Power of Appreciation … never too much feedback from bosses;
  2. Power of Encouragement … giving employees that important second wind whatever goal is at hand;
  3. Power of Critical Thinking …  continuos learning happens through critical thinking and encourages questions to be asked;
  4. Power of Optimism … emotions are contagious; especially from people of influence;
  5. Power of Resilience … space and time between between disappointment and recommitment;
  6. Power of Laughter … levity can bring genuine happiness to others and also reduce stress in the workplace;
  7. Power of Collaboration … find out what makes a great day at work for someone who does a job you don’t do and learn what their bosses expect and find out what obstacles get in their way so that in the end you can expand boundaries and break barriers;
  8. Power of Apology …  an apology is the hallmark of integrity;
  9. Power of Choice … motivation to embrace ideas and solutions of our own creation;
  10. Power of Love … the route of all inspiration is love.
And then she shared one last power … a bonus, the power to make memories, and as Jill said, “never miss the chance to make memories.” By tuning in and listening to Jill’s knowledge it allowed me to recommit to my own leadership powers for good.

What would you choose to be your powers of leadership?

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