Take a deep breath and carry on…

This is exactly what I say to myself when I’m overwhelmed at work! You’re probably thinking it’s easy to say and very hard to follow, but trust me, I’m saying this out of personal experience. A PR job might sound chilled, relaxed and fun, however it comes with its share of absolutely manic and stressful days.

I don’t mean to downplay the PR profession by any means, it’s a very good occupation, but ever wondered what makes a fun PR job stressful, perhaps hard to handle at times?  The answer probably would be tight deadlines, scrutiny in the public eye or last minute requests from clients or journalists that you absolutely cannot say NO to!  But when it’s one of those ‘do not disturb me’ or ‘my head is boiling’ kind of days here are some simple stress busters to help you deal with the situation and carry on.

  1. Take a deep breath – When you’re dealing with a stressful situation, focus on breathing slowly and more deeply to allow the tension to drain away. It doesn’t have to necessarily be serious meditation but just a couple of deep breaths should do the deed.
  1. Good music=good mood – I’m not really a fan of music in the office to be honest as I find it distracting but it’s a norm to play music at Active. Yes you heard it right, noise and energy is a must at Active!  “If loud music isn’t your best friend then Sharrah, put Yoga music… but put music on…” is what Louay my MD would say! Trust me I recently started following this and it really has helped.
  1. Think of how to solve the problem rather than the problem- Nothing would make you feel better and relaxed than knowing the problem is finally solved.
  1. Just take off and disconnect – Probably the most effective of the lot.  When you find yourself in a stressful situation, it might be a good idea to get distracted and maybe take a quick walk or a ten-minute power nap or unwind in the Active chill out zone :).
  1. Indulge in a good chocolate bar – Well I’m sure health freaks wouldn’t agree with me but I’m a firm believer that good chocolate is the cure to all problems.  Take the time to relish every bite and see the difference.