Summer is here


In case you’re still hibernating and haven’t left your apartment in the last month, summer is here. It is time to buy a good sun block and a lot of fluids to keep us hydrated. But what about our businesses? We all know that the travel industry benefits from this season as many people take a vacation during the summer and set out to see the world. But for the marketing industry professionals, it usually isn’t the case.

Traditionally, communications is an industry that faces challenges during this season. Many businesses begin to suffer from a low season while heads are turning to the communications professionals questioning their performance. But you, dear reader, don’t need to suffer that agonizing fate. Here are a few tips to help you buckle up for the bumps ahead:

  1. Re-engage with your audience

Your audience is human (usually), and humans change, so why not engage with them a-new and see what they’re up to lately. What activities are they planning? What crazy adventure are they scheming? This will allow you to find new ways to engage with them, whether immediately or in few upcoming months.

  1. Get social

If you’re a communications professional, the odds say that you and your clients are on social media. But, if you haven’t jumped on that bandwagon yet, this is your time to shine! This slow business period is the perfect chance for you to set things right, get on social media and create your account. Research the best topics for your company, think about how to reach your audience, and then start creating and sharing!

  1. Evaluate your previous campaigns

So you’re a B2B service provider and can’t really engage with your target audience as a B2C brand can. Well, why not use this season to evaluate the campaigns that you’ve had so far? What went right or wrong? How can you optimize future campaigns? What are the main takeaways? Can you re-use these campaigns? Ask yourself these questions and get your team together to evaluate your data.

  1. Plan for the upcoming period

Sure, it’s quiet now… but it won’t be for long! In just a few months you might have a big exhibition, or a new product that your company is launching, so why not plan for it? Bring out the old blackboard and brainstorm some ideas to get some work out of the way. You never know when things can suddenly pick up the pace, so, be always ready!

  1. Try funky ideas

It’s the summer and you’re allowed to go a little crazy! Why not run that funky campaign that you’ve always wanted to do? Have fun and reach out to people!

So if you’re facing some challenges, try some of the above! And don’t forget the sunscreen! 🙂