Some insights on Arabic media during the summer

We know at Active DMC that most of the global brands have businesses in the Middle East and they aren’t all based in the region – or read Arabic. Therefore, we wanted to share some insight into the Arabic language media across the region, with a special focus on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia as they are the most targeted and important markets in the region for global brands.

With an initiative to further add value and raise the need for regionally relevant news and analysis – we have put together this short and summarized infographic based on our research, analysis and expertise with key media to give a bigger image for to brands to plan the next quarter.

As we enter the third quarter and the summer period, most of local management and decision makers are on their annual leave which causes major drop ads in Arabic publications. Hence, Arabic media have reduced the number of pages in the business sections by up to as much as 70%.  The focus and the priority for these pages is for news only.

There is an opportunity for us to engage more with Arabic journalists during this period as they are not under the daily pressures or filling the content they will have in September. This is the time to arrange for media briefings – where possible – with the brand`s spokespeople to educate the media on the brand, plans for the rest of the year and further enhance the brand`s media relations with the Active team as your guide.

We hope you find this useful and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions!