Social Media saves the Potted Rose Plant

I have never been known to be a green thumb type of person. In fact after an over zealous trim session with the outside shrubbery, I had the the shears permanently taken away from me and it was mentioned I should never touch them again. Apparently in my mind I saw an elegant trim job and my parents saw a once thriving shrub naked and looking rather awkward from my trimming.

Fast forward to today … where many potted plants have died at my hands. Cacti and other green things haven’t stood a chance until now. Mainly because I never remembered what the watering schedule was. And apparently even cactus require light and water.

I’ve been keeping my roommate’s plant alive since she left in May. Her employer closed down for the summer and she left. And she left me with her plant. One that I am now responsible to keep alive until her return at the end of the month. Ack. But because this plant is still alive since then, it bolstered me into thinking I could keep my own plant alive.

I carefully selected my victim, uh pot rose plant, within seconds at the local grocery store and to my dismay I didn’t see any care instructions. Oh well, it won’t last long anyway was a thought I remember thinking during the checkout process.

After putting the groceries away my attention turned to the plant and at least getting the plastic wrapping off of it. That’s when I noticed the discretely placed QR Code that had been printed onto the wrapping. Curiousity more than anything had me reaching for my phone to find out what information was embedded. Would it be a coupon, a Facebook page, a thank you note or a web site?

Luckily for my new plant it was great care tips and instructions for my victim, um,  potted rose plant that now happily grows … well, okay that is still at least alive … in my flat. I love how the company used the QR codes to be able to sufficiently explain how to care for my new plant. I’ll have to trim it soon, but at least it tells me when to stop!