Social Media and the Fashion Industry

People taking pictures of an event

I came across an article on, ‘How Social Media Is Making over the Fashion Industry’, and, in light of all the fashionistas here at Active PR (yes that’s you Harriet Goodman) – it’s interesting to see how social media is intertwined with fashion these days.

Social media makes everything instant, from news to the latest trends, giving a lot of room for fans, followers, and potential customers to follow the cutting-edge developments in various industries. For fashion-lovers, this is a great platform to explore current and upcoming trends while being tech-savvy. Major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest not only attract those who are passionate about fashion, but also bloggers and industry followers.

An example of this is Maya’s Closet, founded by Active PR’s very own Sawsan Ghanem – a trendy online fashion store that offers exclusive pieces from Middle Eastern designers. With a good social media presence for the company, Maya’s Closet reaches out to potential and existing customers creatively. It also has an Instagram profile, which gives users more of a personal feed to the world behind Maya’s Closet!

Another trend that’s being specifically picked up in Western countries is ‘Digital fashion shows,’ – these don’t particularly substitute traditional runway shows as the name suggests, but they simply are an alternative for major brands for instance to reach out to various audience members live.

Social media has definitely altered the way in which people discover the latest in fashion – having increased and constant access to different platforms they are able to access a pool of brands on an unprecedented level. For start-ups in specific, this is a great opportunity to attain maximum awareness about their products while making users feel involved.