Smelling the paper

An interesting article that I read recently mentioned that Print media is going strong in GCC. Let’s not forget about the social media effect nowadays – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter but the printed word is still considered trustworthy in the region. A report by the Kuwait Financial Centre, popularly known as Markaz stated that newspapers recorded a growth of 4.8 percent in the Arab World while in the other part of Asia the jump was a little lower at 3.5 percent. In the same year, the newspaper industry suffered a fall in North Africa as also in Europe.

Let’s talk about ourselves, in our agency; how many of us jump off their seats when their news story is taken by a print publication? Just reading “Your story will be published” is what makes our day. I can refer to myself and I am sure everyone agrees with me, right? And the day when this story is featured is just another day to remember. You just want to hug the newspaper like it is your lover’s scented scarf, to print multiple copies, to share with the client, to show everyone what you accomplished, to smile, to feel proud of yourself. Oh! Everyone loves that unforgettable moment!

While reading physically the newspaper or a publication, is it the same when reading it online? For me, it is not! The smell is just a story itself! It is a perfumed scarf that reminds me of that awesome feeling…

Having said good things about newspapers in the region, readers’ preferences are changing fast and shifting towards the digital media. But, concrete, yes concrete is what rocks people! Personally, I am a realistic person and will always be within the media and PR experience.