PR in the City of Life

Some PR pros say “summer is a calm season”. We, at Active totally disagree. It’s hard to slow down in the PR world and summer can be the ideal time to take a break and clean up shop.

This particular summer has gone crazy and was absolutely exciting! Many clients’ activities were ongoing, making our summer full of activities. Not to forget, one of our main processes “the proactive approach” that has led to many fruitful achievements.

Clients are business entities that are running activities with no pause and since we are partners in strategy and awareness, we need to be ready for all inquiries. Therefore, many activities have been noticed during this summer and these include events, breaking news, coverage, partnerships, new businesses, new members, new technologies, celebrations, etc.

Three simple matters PR pros should focus on to make their job prosperous:

  1. Remember that our clients hire us for our expertise. They don’t want a “yes” professional. They want someone who can provide counsel, give advice and help shape a project or program. No matter how demanding the client might be, never lose sight of the expertise that you have and the counsel you bring. Be prepared always! We are the trustful agent and partner and the views of our clients. PR has no seasons – PR practitioners should plan with goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics just as they were taught and make our client’s feedback always rewarding.
  2. Review the media list: We are busy, but by slowing down and taking some time to get ourselves in order we can be more creative and efficient at our jobs. Why not categorizing our media contacts? Why not expanding our regional knowledge and take some time to source new contacts? You will be surprised by the media outlets that are missing or the staff changes that are not reflected in the list because it has been a while since you slowed down and put eyes on the list.
  3. In a world where every company is a media company, PR should lead. But only if we can become truly proactive in our approach to the best practice. We are an agency that strengthens its image and enhances its reputation through proactive PR techniques. Therefore, we are considered as an industry leader in the Middle East region with delivering great ongoing results with creative campaigns.

Hence, PR is the career we’ve chosen. It’s not a 9-6 job in the sense that you leave your work at the office at the end of the day. It’s fast-paced and not for the faint of heart, but is incredibly fun and rewarding. There are many different aspects to it – it’s ever evolving and to be successful we need to embrace all aspects of it, pay attention to what’s happening in the news daily, read and understand new technologies. PR is a fantastic career and a way of life!