PR Faces to Watch by Campaign Middle East Magazine

Summary of career path

Magazine writing has always been my favorite past time activity since I graduated from the American University of Sharjah in 2015. Before I joined Active DMC , for two years I contributed to key lifestyle and health media outlets as I enjoy researching and drafting opinion pieces about psychology. I also run a full-time mental health blog.

What rules/principles do you try to follow at work, that you would pass on to someone coming into the industry? And who did you learn them from? 

Rules I follow in the workplace:

  • Staying positive and having a ‘can-do’ attitude truly makes a difference in the work that one delivers.
  • Making mistakes and knowing how to fix them is always better than remaining stuck and not learning a new skill.
  • Believing that you are capable of achieving anything is the first step to adding value to any task you work on.

Who did I learn from?

Stanislava Burianek, Lauren Brush and Sawsan Ghanem – all these three women at Active DMC showed me the true meaning of what a woman is capable of when she empowers herself. They all practically taught me that a woman can be an achiever and excel in all the different areas of life.