Personal PR for Personal Success

Public Relations is  an interesting concept considering how we’ve made a career out of it, but at the end of the day, it is something that everyone should know how to do and excel at if they want to be successful in life.

In the midst of boasting our Client’s fabulousness to the media and convincing them that this interview will change their lives, I think we sometimes forget that we work in an industry which ultimately brings people of all industries, success and recognition.

There are several ways nowadays to increase your personal PR – such as blogging, social media, speaking opportunities etc. But before all of that, you have to be aware of how you will present yourself to people in general.

Here are some tips to better ‘PR’ yourself:

  1. Recognize your strengths and embrace them: Everyone is good at something. Even if you think you’re not, well, yes you are. The important thing is that once you discover it, you make sure people know you for it.
  2. Know the advantages you have against others: To be able to sell yourself is imperative for a successful career. If you can recognize other people’s strengths against yours, you can focus on where you know you will be able stand out.
  3. Believe in your capabilities: PR is all about credibility, and if you don’t believe in yourself no one will. Confidence is key if you want people to take you seriously.
  4. Stay true to yourself: Knowing who you are will always help you exude that confidence.
  5. Chameleon:  In any kind of career, you will always come across people that you might not necessarily click with. The trick is to be able to analyze that person as best as you can and identify where your common grounds lie. By doing this you will create a connection more easily that will make your career life much more effective and ultimately make you memorable to the people that meet you.