Notes from the PR world: A phrase to ban from meetings

Well here is one that we hear all too often and that – when all is said and done – does not always indicate that we actually managed to make an impression.

“Can we have a proposal…” especially… especially when this is said 5 minutes into a phone conversation or in the third line of an e mail!

This infuriating phrase usually means that either the person you are speaking to/corresponding with does not really understand what you do, why they are asking for it or what the point of talking to you is, they are shopping around without any real intention of really using you or any other poor Agency that submits a “proposal”, or they are really only interested in the costs and continuing the discussion with the cheapest one and possibly just persuading them to use the ideas that you submitted because they loved them but just weren’t willing to pay for them.

Adapted from Communicate Magazine