My Love/Hate Relationship with Online Shopping

Let me first begin with the fact that I Love Online Shopping but there are a few things that make me think twice about online shopping.

The ability to shop from the comfort of my own home is one of the greatest innovations of the Internet age, allowing me to browse, read reviews and compare prices without ever having to leave the house and deal with pushy salespeople. The best part about smartphones and tablets means that you can do your shopping wherever you are, whether at work, in the bathroom or on an airplane. And best of all, online retail prices tend to be significantly lower than what you’ll find at the shop.

With that said, online shopping does have its downfalls. There are certain things about shopping online that I simply can’t stand. Here are a few.


Forced to Sign up my Email before entering the site

Imagine trying to walk into a shop and you are stopped by a guard who demanded you write you’re your name and email address before allowing you in?? This is what some e-commerce Web sites do, particularly those of the daily deal variety. The first time you visit Groupon or Cobone, you’re greeted with a box that first asks you for your home city and then for your email address so you can be signed up for the daily newsletter.

Groupon e-mail sign up form


Never-ending Emails

Being forced to hand over my email address wouldn’t be so bad if I knew it won’t be abused and that’s exactly what happens.

The retailers email you every day, a number of times a day for a daily deal in the Getaway tab, one for the National tab, Shopping tab and goes on.

Never-ending stream of e-mails


Waiting for Shipping

On the one hand, online shopping is a real time-saver: In the time it would take you to get dressed and start your car to go to the mall, you can log onto a website, find the product you were looking for and buy it. You don’t even have to put your skirt on!

The downside, of course, is that you have to wait a lot longer to actually get your product. Usually i want to enjoy that shoe impulse buy the same day, rather than wait five days or more for it to show up. And getting it there more quickly will often wipe out the price advantage of shopping online.


I love how convenient online shopping is. I just hate how annoying it can be.