My First 3 months at Active (Digital. Marketing. Communications)


What? It’s been three months already? Time passed by so fast, it feels like I joined yesterday – and that is a good sign!


On my first day, I found everything I needed ready on my desk (Super cute!)


Mechelle sat down with me to run through the history of Active DMC, partners, and clients. Then I was introduced to all team members, one by one.


I attended my first Sunday Stand-up meeting, which allows the teams to briefly share updates and what the plans are for the upcoming week, I loved it! Week by week I started seeing how useful the stand-up meetings are and how they boost the team’s productivity.


What I found challenging:


Receiving a lot of new information, new terms, processes, and different ways of doing things. There were a lot of things to pick up on as I was new to the tech and gaming industry, but it is the type of challenge you just love! It enables you to learn new skills, adopt new habits, and experience new things.


What I loved the most:


What I love the most is how Active’s team genuinely cares about their clients and work so hard to achieve great results, because Active grows with its clients. Being surrounded by such motivated, talented, and funny team members has influenced me a lot over the past 3 months. We became one family, and work does not feel like work anymore. Active is where everyone’s opinion matters, no matter what level they are. And every day is a new fun challenge, no two days are the same at Active.


So, what have I been working on for the past 3 months? My main job is to manage social media channels and campaigns for Active and its clients. I work with the team members to run successful Social Media and Digital marketing campaigns as per agreed KPIs; I am currently handling four tech-related and exciting accounts. I’m also working closely with Sawsan on Active’s first Webinar for one of our clients, loving it! In a nutshell, I love what I do, and I always do what I love.


How to survive the first 3 months:


  • Ask a lot of questions

It is okay not to know everything and It is the only time you get to whatever question you have; no question is a stupid question!


  • Take notes, listen 80%, and speak 20%

I always carry a notebook with me, not just because I am a goldfish and I forget everything so quick, but because taking notes can help you focus and better understand main concepts.


  • Be up to the challenge and track accomplishments

Set ambitious goals for yourself, work towards those goals. Focus on doing a great job and keep a list of what you are doing right. At Active, we set our daily goals before 10 AM, and at the end of every day, we strike through them, and god that feels great!


Looking back to where I was when I first started at Active and comparing it to where I am now – I am more responsible, mature, and more confident in myself and what I do. I cannot wait to see how being part of Active’s family will help me progress even further. And looking forward to the years to come.


By Farah Safi, Social Media and Digital Marketing Executive, Active DMC