Moving to Dubai

Having arrived to Dubai about three weeks ago, that newbie feeling is still fresh for me.  It usually takes me a few months to adapt to a new place, just like it would for most people. However, Dubai isn’t like any other place, Dubai is somewhat special.

First of all, having over 90% of the population be expats, turns this place into a big giant mix of cultures spread about. Never did I think I would find Gruyere cheese from my home country of Switzerland, or English tea biscuits in the supermarket; but there they were, along with the other thirty thousand products from around the world.  Being able to find those foods and brands that I was accustomed to in a place where I’m not, makes the adapting process much easier.

Then, comes the weather situation. Arriving from Switzerland, I was very careful to leave all my winter clothes behind and was prepared for the crazy 40 degrees of summer that I was getting myself into. However, little did I know that I would be missing my winter clothes so badly, so soon. With the Air Conditioning temperatures in Dubai, it’s like I never left Switzerland.

Finally, when moving to a new place, it’s the people that surround you which will make it easier or harder to adapt. I might have gotten lucky with this one because the team at Active PR has been as I like to say…the best! It’s so relieving to arrive somewhere new and have a really great group of people welcoming you and supporting you since day 1.

Final verdict: Dubai is the place to be!