Monster Slipper – PR Stunt or Genuine Error?

A bizarre story has come to my attention over the past few days – the case of the Monster Slipper.

Monster Slipper news story

Apparently when UK – based Mr Donnegan placed his order for slippers size 14.5, there was a miscalculation resulting in a whopping size 1450 slipper being shipped over from China. The Monster slipper is almost the size of a small bed, so big that Mr Donnegan can fit snugly inside it as seen in the Telegraph’s image.

The story was picked up internationally and has been featured in newspapers and online news sites across the globe – excellent coverage for this company. Monster Slippers has since apologized for the mistake and promised to make a slipper with the correct dimensions but the credibility of this error has since been questioned.

Whether or not this was an elaborate PR stunt or a genuine error remains to be seen however it has received phenomenal coverage across the globe!