Media Eye

There are so many media titles available. As we all at the Agency learn, each client of ours has a specific target media list that we focus on when pitching and look for opportunities. But what happens if your client’s target media list is really limited ? Well, that’s easy – make the list longer!

You should not only read what is written, you should read beyond the concrete. Give yourself some time, read in between the lines, and ask the media; trust me, you’re in a great position when they are your advisers.

I like it when everyone of us is at her desk, working and this voice comes up asking: What industry titles do you recommend? And each and every one of us interacts and recommends the top ones with their contact details.

Perhaps, if we look at a media guide book, we will see its thickness but it is not that much dense in reality as 99% of the titles are saved in our memories and not only its content but also newly released publications.

Always keep this “media eye” open and the “keep an eye out” that we nearly read/say every single day! Don’t forget to keep both eyes open so nothing will be missed!

Do you think media titles will ever fit in a book or a database itself ?