Let there be music

Let me be upfront and admit that I had no idea whatsoever of the very existence of some of the musicians that do the rounds at Active PR, figuratively speaking of course. So, okay, Rhianna and Usher may not entirely be from another planet. But Labyrinth, Drake, J. Cole, Psy or whoever those fascinating creatures are? Oh well, guess you live and learn.

At the risk of sounding totally uncool and way older than my age (ahem), my music tastes hover in the decades spanning the fifties to the eighties – with some vintage nineties thrown in now and then. Don’t know what’s scarier, the fact that nineties music is now considered “vintage” or that a couple of my colleagues were actually born in the nineties!

So when I waltzed my way in to Active PR, where everyone aspires to be a 24/7 in-house DJ, honesty seemed like the best policy. It was better to come clean after a few vague conversations like:

“So Ketaki – ‘Do Take Care’?”

“Thanks! Er, why?”

They probably thought I wasn’t the brightest bulb in the socket. And I thought they had lost it when they broke into the Gangnam Style horse trot at the end of a long, adrenalin-fueled day.

Cut to a few weeks later and after a concerted team effort, yours truly can now spew out a few cool names and catch phrases under dire circumstances. It still is mostly Latin and Greek, but they’ve prepped me enough so I can nod and hum along. All said and done, it has been an entertaining, eye-opening way to get to know the wonderful team at Active PR.