Right, so you’ve heard about us and our clients often enough, but there is this little superwoman in the office who deserves a special blog dedicated just to her. Our office manager Leslie is a pint-sized powerhouse without whom we’d be lost. She works silently and ever so sweetly in the background to ensure that all the nitty-gritty back-breaking stuff is taken care of. From visas to suppliers, from the internet to office moves. She makes it look so easy.

We just moved to our new office over the weekend and we were up and running from the word go. Leslie worked tirelessly to ensure everything was in order – from the IT to our desks, phones – heck we even got our signature blue walls before we had time to blink!

And then we walked in to find scented candles on each desk so we could get through the day despite the smell of fresh paint. Sure, with the lit candles all around, we looked like a bunch of witches gathered around a coven ritual, but hey at least we smelled good.

For someone who has to put up with our madness, Leslie is patient as a saint and gentle as a St Bernard. Which is why it was highly amusing to see her reaction when our office brat Harriet locked Leslie in the store room. Suddenly we heard what we thought we never would – Leslie bellowed – HARRIET I WILL KILL YOU.

Ah, the mouse does roar after all!