It’s all in the mind

There are times when social media is yet another place where you open mouth and insert foot. Sometimes we mistake sharing for over sharing and the Internet gets littered with too much information.

With connectivity comes responsibility. There are days when I do not want the world to know what I’m thinking about…and this is to protect them as much as me. At times I do not feel the need to share my innermost thoughts with total strangers and even less so with people who know me. And on some days I feel like Ally McBeal (if you remember her) with her active imagination where a parallel universe played out on TV, much to our amusement. I used to love those episodes where she’d say one thing and you’d cut to a totally bizarre clip that showed what was really running through her head. Like this one:


Imagination – what a beautiful and powerful word. And, because of that very reason, it’s best to leave some things to the imagination some of the times.

Speaking of what runs through people’s minds – the mind is a powerful tool and I’d advise everyone to follow Ally’s colleague John Cage’s lead, especially before important client presentations. “The Biscuit”, as he was better known, danced to Barry White in the restroom when he needed a pep talk. Here’s a montage that never fails to get me motivated: