In the PR world, everything goes back to “the image” and the perception of the public in response to an idea or a trend. In fact, we live in a very visual world today. However, we should not forget how hasty transformations are. Therefore, the real challenge is not to portray a specific image but to sustain that same image.

Living in Dubai, one cannot simply escape the abundance of changes on a daily basis. There are cities being built right in front of our own eyes. Every day, we walk past multi-million projects highly independent from the legacy of oil and gas. Indeed, we are witnesses to what can be called the miracle of the Middle East. As huge investments are pouring in the lead-up to the Expo 2020, we should not forget the figure behind modern-day Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

With over 2.5 million  followers on Twitter, Sheikh Mohammed has managed to win the hearts and minds of UAE residents and tourists alike. His Excellence’s modesty is dazzling as tales are told about public encounters with the Sheikh in places like malls, of course. Dubai’s many successes and world records are not the result of a luck strike or a magic manifestation of brilliant ideas. On the opposite, the varied achievements are attributed to the visionary ruler of the Emirate, his leadership and wisdom in choosing the right opportunities that would enhance Dubai and the UAE’s profiles on the global scale.

His Highness’ plans converge towards modernization and adaptability by promoting scientific research, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, empowering women and youth while preserving the heritage of Dubai in line with the cosmopolitan nature of the city.  Thanks to his vision and commitment, Dubai is now a renowned financial and economic hub, the host of Expo 2020, one of the world’s top touristic destinations, one of the happiest countries in the world, a champion of philanthropy, a leader in education and quality healthcare, a record breaker on many levels, and most importantly an example setter for all Middle Eastern countries.

Dubai’s sustained progress on the path of excellence will remain intertwined with the Sheikh’s image and vision. Furthermore, the chain of accomplishments have been marked by the Sheikh’s ability to drive yet more success.

As PR professionals, we all contribute in our various roles to images being created and reshaped every day. In fact, we hold a great responsibility in being reliable image consultants for our clients and making sure all actions are in harmony with a specific vision.