InstaAttention on Instagram

Sometimes you just wanted to be ♥ on the popular photo sharing platform Instagram.

The best way to do this is to add hashtags before sharing the photo. We’ve experimented with not using hashtags and then using the below listed hashtags (as appropriate) and there was definitely a rise in a number of likes by a variety of users on Instagram.

And you just never know … your work might be featured on the Instagram feed by catching everyone’s attention with the right hashtag.

Enjoy and leave us a comment with the hashtags that you love to use.

  • #love // 47,089,209photos

Instagram’s top hashtag is a simple human emotion. As you can see by the number of photos tagged #love IGers share what they care about.

  • #instagood // 37,569,776 photos

If you are looking to boost your like and comment numbers, #instagood tends to feature images IGers are proud of.

  • #tweegram // 26,714,572 photos

Many IGers are members of other Web communities and choose to share their instagram photos with those other communities. Most notably Twitter and Facebook. Tweegram lets IGers type in a tweet-length message and publish it as an Instagram-ready image.

  • #photooftheday // 26,620,564 photos

This is a race to see whose photo will be added to the gallery for the photo of the day.

  • #instamood // 26,236,558 photos

This popular hashtag, that was created in late 2011, reflects photos according to our emotion and mood of the IGer. You’ll find that these photos often use color and nature to express emotion and mood.

  • #me // 27,712,531 photos

This one’s predominantly comprised of self-portraits. It’s also a great, easy way to catch out those who initially capture images with more traditional cameras.

  • #tbt // 24,738,500 photos

Among the top tags, #tbt is perhaps the most fun. It’s an acronym of both Throwback Thursday and Truth Be Told. When you browse tagged photos, you’re never quite sure if you’re about to see a photo from someone’s past or an IGer throwing down some knowledge on their followers.

  • #cute // 25,837,026 photos

The hashtag is labeled for the photos tag with it. Cute photos from painted nails and pets to Justin Bieber, this hashtag has an array of photos of what IGers think is “cute”.

  • #summer // 23,830,280 photos

While summer is slowing down for some, it lives on still for others as seen by the number of photos posted about everything to do with this great season.

  • #igers // 21,043,705 photos

Similar to the #me hashtag IGers use this tag to share photos of themselves and their friends. The difference is that photos of IGers taken with images of food, action and everything else is that this tag is pretty much post anything hashtag.

  • #picoftheday // 20,492,930 photos

This might be obvious but #picoftheday is a busy stream of images from users who feel their photo is better than the millions of other photos shared on Instagram that day. #instagramhub // 17,512,190 photos

This is another hashtag focused on building a community that challenges and motivates IGers to create better images and be active community members by liking and commenting. Here you’ll find a hub aimed at helping IGers learning Instagram best practices and sharing tips.

  • #iphoneonly // 16,591,157 photos

Instgram started as an iPhone app only. These early adopters were proud of their status and after the influx of millions of new Android IGers iOS users were probably more interested in aggregating iPhone captured Instagram images.

  • #instadaily // 18,888,152 photos

IGers using this hashtag are competing to take the most impressive image on a given topic.

  • #beautiful // 17,951,410 photos

Evidently, these are photos that IGers feel are beautiful.

  • #sky // 13,385,430 photos

All we have to do is look up. The sky offers dramatic and peaceful images and you’ll find stunning images within the #sky hashtag.

Love the Middle East and wondering how some of our regional hashtags stack up? Here is a quick look.

  1. #kuwait// 1,196,341 photos
  2. #jordan// 627,528 photos
  3. #dubai// 364,999 photos
  4. #bahrain// 286,416 photos
  5. #uae // 280,418 photos
  6. #oman//90,228 photos
  7. #saudi// 81,294 photos
  8. #doha// 60,565 photos
  9. #abudhabi// 48,270 photos
  10. #cairo//35,450 photos
  11. #middleeast// 24,395 photos

Source is Instagram and the figures are from 11 Sept. 2012