I <3 PR

I have a love relationship with my public relations job.

Here are the few things I love about PR:

  • I love the passion we have for helping media connect with others and providing them with information for stories
  • I love the sense of accomplishment when I spot a feature story on the front page of a top tier media target that the team made happen
  • I love getting a client’s appreciation about coverage achieved
  • I love telling people I work in PR
  • I love the sense of completion when all interviews are done and information is sent to the reporter
  • I love the fact that we achieve more deliverables for every month
  • I love that everyone can rely on each other and we are there whenever a colleague needs us
  • I love the “A-Team”

The atmosphere at Active has made me and the whole team forget about the lows’ part and keep it up always. We are all confident of who we are within the industry 🙂