I will start reading سأبدأ بالقراءة

'Arabian Nights' book cover

I read. A lot. I know, now my headline doesn’t make sense anymore!

To be specific, I read English, French, Russian, South American, Japanese, Easter European, Romanian literature; but beside One Thousand and One Nights (and that was one thousand years ago! J), I haven’t read any Arabic literature. A shame considering I’ve been living in an Arab country for the past five years.

So, my February resolution for 2013 is to start reading Arabic literature. I am finding out from Wikipedia that the Arabic literature declined after the Ottoman Invasion, but it is reviving in the modern period, during the 19th century. So I am interested to find treasures from before the Ottomans and after the Renaissance, until today.

I want to explore all the styles, from philosophy, poetry, popular tales, romantic stories, to theatre, history, satire and comedy, diaries (I wonder if they even exist). I will keep a diary of my thoughts after these reads and I will share them with anyone who is interested.

So please, my Arab friends (and whoever knows better than me), throw at me with suggestions, I will go to Kinokuniya this weekend :).