How to Push PR With Long-Form Content

In today’s fast-paced digital media space, long-form content is easily unnoticed for driving PR. But there’s a growing agreement — especially among content marketers — that says longer content is gaining both acceptance and effectiveness in generating leads.

From a public relations perspective, longer content is an effective way to establish authority as a thought leader or build a reputation for a brand. It often has a longer shelf life than shorter pieces or placements as the content is valuable for sharing, re-sharing, and revisiting later on.

Here are some best tips for developing long-form content that helps drive good PR.

  • Create content for a delightful read: Regardless of whether the content is long or short, quality always matters. Captivating, quality material is what gets read and shared, and what drives engagement.
  • Don’t oversell: An excessively promotional piece is an instant turnoff for readers. Try to weave in a story with a little creativity which can give your content a new life.
  • Express authority: Bylines, white papers, and other types of long-form content are vital for in thought leadership pieces whose main purpose is to set yourself up as an expert. The content should demonstrate a strong command of the category, showing deep experience, knowledge, and ability to offer insight and enhance understanding.

Add value with tips: One way to be credibility authoritative is to offer actionable advice as a take-out for readers. Use guidelines based on your experience, real life examples, or data and research. If the tips work and help people, the positive PR naturally follows.