How I made my first impression at Active DMC

Umme Qizra Aleem

This week marks my third week at Active DMC. Like every newbie, I was a bit jittery and confident at first. As contradicting as it sounds, I was filled with mixed emotions on my first day.

There I was, looking at the gleaming new faces waiting to welcome me to the team – or should I say family. I felt a positive vibe from the moment I stepped in. This was tailed by the first best thing I have ever been told: ‘We believe in work-life balance. We believe each of our employees should work hard and smartly while they are here and then go home and enjoy their time to come back refreshed and ready to take on the next day.’ Never, have I ever been told this before. That’s when I knew that Active was my place to be and exactly what I have been waiting for.

I am not always right, but on my first day, luck was on my side. I accomplished my first-ever task without a hustle: placing an ed in the tier one newspaper, Gulf News. This time, the feedback on my accomplishment was a bit different than what I was previously used to. The whole Active team was supportive and gracious, something that I had not expected as I thought it was just something that anyone could’ve done.

And folks, that’s how I made my first impression.

Just in a weeks’ time, I got the hang of the fast-paced work style at Active. I gained a deeper understanding of how work is done strategically and systematically. This was actually something that had been on the back burner for some time now at my previous agency and had really impacted my system of working. I was lucky that Active happened to me. With Active on my side and the amazing new colleagues around me, I know that my career as a communications consultant will take off.

Without a doubt, I can say that I have found the right place not only focus on strengthening my career but also to the support to do so – from everyone including my fellow communications consultants straight up to the MDs. What I learnt at Active is that it pays to be appreciative and motivating no matter how meagre the accomplishment is. Every word counts in building one’s confidence.

If I could, I would write endlessly about how ethical and amazing Active DMC is. Here, I am not just an employee or an add-on, but I am a part of the team whose opinion is as important as anyone else’s.

Lucky to be an Active DMC’ian.