Hello LonDAN Town

 It had been a while since I had to get on a plane heading to the UK, but this past Friday that is exactly what I found myself doing. I love London…everything about London, yup that includes the weather, coming from good old Dubai where it is hot 361 days in a year – a little bit of rain and wind was just what the doctor ordered (it is hailing as I type out this blog).

The plane journey wasn’t too bad – 7.5 hours , watched 3 movies, read a book, people watched a little and tried to get some shut eye and before I knew it, we had landed in London Heathrow and as soon as I got off the plane I remembered what London was really like. On the plane, everyone was relaxed, at our destination of takeoff, people were chilling at the departure lounge, but as soon as the plane doors opened at London, the dynamic changed.

landan2london books

No joke, I could feel the vibes alter and everyone had serious speed mode switched on – running, pushing and making sure they stood on the right/left side of the escalator….and this was just to get to passport control – living in Dubai for just over 2 years now, I had forgotten that feeling and it being late, I simply strolled to passport control and waited my turn. Bag arrived on time the taxi man was amazing – nice to chat to but not too chatty – perfect for a Friday night at 11pm.

                                                     london carafternoon drinks

Got to Beth’s place, Beth has been nothing short of amazing since I got here and we kick started the weekend. I love London…Southbank, Borough Market, St. Pauls, Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Belham…a lottt of walking, some of it in the rain and I enjoyed every minute of it…Dubai may been known for being a rising country full of luxury but London has culture, history, nature, music, art, life, soul and all of that is only 1 weekend.

Suffice to say I am really looking forward to my two weeks here and at Hotwire PR – today is actually my first day at the Hotwire offices – but you are going to have to watch this space if you want to know what a ‘Day at Hotwire’ is like – don’t worry I will be including the hour tube journey to get into work!! (Not going to lie, missed my Dubai taxi ride into work, all of 5 minutes).

beth on phone